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Say “Bula” (which means “hello” in Fijian) to our beautiful handmade Kalimbas!

Instantly Play & Sound Good in 5 Minutes

You will love the feeling of success when you impress your friends and family by playing this incredible instrument!

An Instrument Anyone Can Play

Learning to play our Kalimba is a breeze with easy numbered rotations. It comes with everything you need to get started, including free songbooks and videos. Made out of beautiful mahogany, with incredible sound quality!

Beautiful Sound in a Small Package

For its size, Bula Kalimba has an incredible sound quality. Its notes are loud and clear, the tones bright and smooth.You’ll be amazed at the richness of music that can come from this tiny instrument. Perfectly tuned right out of the box, Bula Kalimba sounds like magic!

A Great Hobby and Relaxing Distraction

You can take your Kalimba anywhere with you. Whether you’re at home, traveling or anywhere else in the world. Use it between calls, while commuting, in line, or in any quiet moment. Your Kalimba will transport you to your happy place!